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LAND - Special Issue ’’Landslide Hazard and Environment Risk Assessment’’ - scadenza invio contributi: 30/03/2021
Volevo segnalare una Special Issue, edita dal Prof. Miccadei, dal Dott. Carabella e dal Dott. Paglia, dal titolo "Landslide Hazard and Environment Risk Assessment". La SI è pubblicata sulla rivista LAND, ed ha una deadline prevista per il 30 Marzo 2021.
Si riporta di seguito la call e si allega il flyer, per la quale più notizie sono disponibili al seguente link:

Dear Colleagues,

Landslides are global geomorphological phenomena occurring in all geographic regions in response to a wide range of triggering factors. Landsliding is linked to the combination of geological, geomorphological, and climatic factors in response to trigger mechanisms mostly represented by heavy rainfall events, seismicity, or human action. Landslides directly and indirectly impact a territory, causing fatalities and huge socioeconomic losses also due to environmental degradation and rapid population growth, which requires correct land use policies and best practices for long-term risk mitigation and reduction. In this context, geomorphological field activities, satellite remote sensing, and numerical modeling offer effective support for mapping and monitoring the activity of landslides at both the local and regional scales.

We would like to invite you to participate in this Special Issue, which will focus primarily on such innovative methods to accurately investigate landslide phenomena providing useful products to characterize landslide risk management. All landslide types are considered, from fast rockfalls to debris flows and from slow-moving slides to very rapid rock avalanches. All climatic and geographical scales are considered, from the local to the global, including individual and multiple slope failures.

Contribution to this Special Issue will provide scientific tools for the preparation and optimal use of landslide maps, landside prediction models, landslide susceptibility maps, and the design of risk mitigation measures.

Submissions are encouraged to cover a broad range of topics on the various applications of different techniques, which may include, but are not limited to, the following topics: (i) analysis of landslide conditioning and triggering factors, (ii) geomorphological analysis and GIS mapping, (iii) landslide hazard mapping, (iv) landslide susceptibility mapping, (v) remote sensing techniques for the definition of vulnerability and characterization of elements at risk, (vi) investigation and monitoring of landslide dynamics, (vii) implementation of sustainable territorial planning, and (viii) design and implementation of smart adaptation measures to reduce risks, such as early warning systems.


Grazie in anticipo,
Cristiano Carabella
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