Summer School ’’Climate change: improving knowledge to help reducing geo-hydrological risks of extreme events’’ (Valle d’Aosta, 03-11/07/2023) - scadenza iscrizioni: 30/03/2023

XIV Congress of the International Association for Engineering Geology and the Environment (Chengdu, Cina, 21-27/09/2023) - scadenza invio contributi: 31/03/2023

16th Annual International Conference on Mediterranean Studies (03-06/04/2023)

8th World Multidisciplinary Earth Sciences Symposium – WMESS (Praga, 28/08-01/09/2023) - scadenza invio abstract: 07/04/2023 - scadenza invio full text: 15/04/2023

La dinamica fluviale (Giornata di Studio AIGA in memoria di Paolo Tacconi) - scadenza iscrizione e invio abstract: 15/04/2023

Master Universitario di II livello in ’’Engineering Geology’’ organizzato dal Centro di GeoTecnologie (CGT) dell’Università degli Studi di Siena (15/04-15/10/2023)

Earth Science 2023 Congress (Dubai, 17-18/04/2023)

Volume speciale della rivista Applied Sciences dal titolo: ’’Advanced Technologies, Visual and Performing Arts, Entertainment: Exploring new forms of Geoheritage and Geosite Promotion’’ - scadenza invio contributi: 20/04/2023

2023 Int’l Conference on Hydrology and Water Management - CHWM 2023 (Kunming, Cina, 21-23/04/2023)

EGU General Assembly 2023 (Vienna, 23-28/04/2023)

14th International Geochronology Summer School (27-31/08/2023) - scadenza iscrizioni: 30/04/23023

2nd International Conference on Geosciences and Remote Sensing (Ghent, Belgio, 17-19/12/2023) - scadenza invio abstract: 10/05/2023

PERC Standard for Reporting of Minerals (Belgrado, 18-21 maggio 2023)

9th FRIEND-Water Global Conference (Dakar, Senegal, 05-10/06/2023)

3rd JTC1 Workshop on ’’Impact of global changes on landslide risk’’ (Oslo, 07-10/06/2023)

XI Ecuadorian Congress of Geology, Mines, Petroleum and Environmental (Guayaquil, Ecuador, 14-16/06/2023)

XII Convegno dei Giovani Ricercatori di Geologia Applicata (Urbino, 22-24/06/2023)

XXI INQUA Congress (Roma, 13-20/07/2023)

INQUA 2023 - Session 68: ’’Rivers and fans: sediment and landform archives of long-term Quaternary landscape development and environmental change’’ (Roma, 14-20/07/2023)

28th IUGG General Assembly (Berlino, 11-20/07/2023)

Special Issue della rivista Geosciences dal titolo: ’’Remote Sensing Monitoring of Geomorphological Hazards’’ - scadenza invio contributi: 31/07/2023

Nuove "calls" per la rivista Earth Surface Processes and Landforms (scadenze: 31/08/2023; 31/12/2023; 29/02/2024)

1st International Conference on ’’Soil Sustainability and Innovation’’ - 47th National Congress of Soil Science (Città del Messico, 16-20/10/2023) - scadenza invio contributi: 15/09/2023

12th International Conference on Geosynthetics – 12 ICG (Roma, 17-21/09/2023)

Special Issue della rivista Remote Sensing (MDPI) dal titolo: ’’Advances in Multisensor Applications for Remote Sensing in the Engineering Geology and the Environment’’ - scadenza invio contributi: 30/09/2023

6° Forum Mondiale sulle Frane (WLF6) - Session ’’Landslides Studies in Italy: State of the Art and Future Perspectives’’ (Firenze, 14-17/11/2023)

1st SLRMES Conference on ’’Rock Mechanics for Infrastructure and Geo-Resources Development’’ (Colombo, Sri Lanka, 02-07/12/2023)

72nd Annual Meeting of the Southeastern Section - 58th Annual Meeting of the Northeastern Section (Reston, Virginia, USA, 17-19/12/2023)

10th World Water Forum (ongoing, 2024)

Special Issue della rivista Geosciences (MDPI) dal titolo: ’’Advances in Studies of DGSDs and Lateral Spreads’’ (scadenza invio contributi: 12/07/2025)

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