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Special Issue of International Journal of Geo-Information: ’’GIS-supported DEM Analysis for Characterization of Short to Long Term Landscape Dynamics’’ - scadenza invio contributi: 31/12/2021

The availability of digital elevation models globally is providing increasing capabilities of scaling up geomorphological analyses through the use of geographic information systems (GIS).

We started a Special Issue on the International Journal of Geo-Information. The special issue is dedicated to current research in the characterization of short to long term landscape dynamics through GIS-supported analyses applied to digital elevation models. Contributions can explore methodological, conceptual, and technological aspects, as well as applications. Short-term landscape dynamics may include soil erosion, landslides, and river network dynamics. Long-term landscape dynamics may include the evaluation of erosion, denudation, uplift rates.

For a full description of the Special Issue, visit

The deadline for papers submission is 31/12/2021

Kind regards,

Dr. Michele Santangelo

Dr. Dario Gioia

Guest Editors


M. Santangelo (PhD)
National Research Council, Research Institute for Hydrogeological Protection (CNR - IRPI)
Via della Madonna Alta, 126
06128, Perugia
Tel.: +39 075 5014421/5014423
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