PERC Standard for Reporting of Minerals (Belgrado, 18-21 maggio 2023)
After the PERC Seminar, the 82nd EFG Council Meeting will be held on 20 and 21 May at the same location (only for EFG delegates).

As the world, the industry also faces constant changes, and geology needs to follow and tune in with these changes. Mineral raw materials are one of the top priorities for today’s geology, therefore it is necessary to be well acquainted with the process of genesis, exploration methods, and mining and production techniques i.e. economic and ecological parameters of production and use.

Securing a sustainable supply of mineral raw materials is a key priority in the world of today. Raw materials are becoming more and more important to any economy which wishes to grow and stay competitive. Jobs in many branches of industry are dependent on a sustainable supply chain of raw materials, especially when it comes to the development of modern environmentally friendly technologies.
The objectives of the EFG Endorsed PERC Seminar are to provide an overview of assessment and reporting best practices on exploration results, mineral resources and reserves in compliance with reporting codes and standards which are based on the CRIRSCO International Template with specific reference to the PERC Reporting Standard.
The course will include an overview of the history of reporting codes; an introduction to the PERC Reporting Standard (definition, usage), application of the formal standards, codes and guidelines – projects, sampling, interpretation and estimation and planning and decision making.
Registration for the PERC Seminar will be available soon. In addition, more information on fees and accommodation will be published in the coming days.
In the meantime, save the date!
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