14th European Conference on Ecological Restoration - SERE24 (Tartu, Estonia, 26-30/08/2024)


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Cari Soci AIGeo,

su invito del Socio Andrea Mandarino, si segnala la sessione "Restoration of river connectivity: planning, implementation, monitoring, and assessment" (https://sere2024.org/abstracts/sessions/) organizzata nell’ambito della 14th European Conference on Ecological Restoration (SERE24) che si terrà a Tartu (Estonia) dal 26 al 30 agosto 2024. La scadenza per la sottomissione degli abstract  (di un massimo di 300 parole) è fissata per il 1 aprile 2024.

Di seguito la descrizione della sessione

Human activity has extensively impacted river corridors causing the degradation of many river ecosystems worldwide. Hydromorphological pressures, in particular, have severely conditioned the overall river health, inducing changes in ecosystem structure and functions. They are the primary cause of European rivers’ failure to reach good ecological conditions as defined by the Water Framework Directive. Recently, the concern over river connectivity has greatly increased, thus stimulating new policies oriented to river restoration and several tangible restoration efforts in many countries. "Free-flowing rivers" are under the spotlight and among the objectives of the EU Biodiversity Strategy 2030. Within this framework, it is essential to properly define effective and extensive ecological restoration projects, including the phases of prioritisation, post-intervention monitoring, and result assessment.

This session aims to gather a broad range of contributions that focus on the ecological restoration of rivers. Specific topics of interest include (but are not limited to): approaches to support the design of river restoration measures; restoration of (longitudinal, lateral, vertical, and temporal) connectivity; floodplain restoration; mitigation of the impact of hydrological alteration on aquatic communities; hydromorphological monitoring of rivers; prediction of river evolutionary trajectories; assessment of restoration results; development of synergies between river restoration and flood-risk mitigation strategies.


Cordiali saluti

Irene Bollati
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