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Associazione Italiana di
Geologia Applicata e Ambientale

Associazione Italiana di Geologia Applicata e Ambientale      

ESA’s 2019 Living Planet Symposium (Milano, 13-17/05/2019)

Dear Colleagues,

a brief reminder to let you know that the ESA LPS19 abstract submission will be closing in 3 days (11 November 2018, h 23:59 CEST).

Please do not forget to submit your contributions by then:

Looking forward to meeting you in Milan.

All the best,


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From: Francesca Cigna <>
Date: Mon, 29 Oct 2018 at 19:55
Subject: ESA LPS19 – Invitation to submit to thematic Sessions on Copernicus for cultural heritage, infrastructure and climate change
Cc: Francesca Cigna <>

Dear Colleagues,

I would like to remind you that the deadline to submit your contributions to ESA’s 2019 Living Planet Symposium ( is: 11 November 2018


Given your research interests and expertise in the field, you are very welcome to contribute to one or more of the following thematic Sessions:


A5.04 – Design and monitoring of transport, energy and utility infrastructure with Copernicus data

D2.05 – Sentinels and Copernicus contributing missions for cultural & natural heritage


D1.01 – Monitoring impacts of climate change and assessing adaptation with Copernicus Sentinel data 


Please find here the full description of each session:

The abstract submission link is:


Should you wish to contribute to any of the above Sessions, please let me know in advance of the submission deadline, so that I can account for your expression of interest.


Looking forward to receiving your contributions and meeting you in Milan next year!

Best regards,
Francesca Cigna

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